New Year, No Diet

I've been constantly gaining and losing weight since I was in high school. The first time I put myself on a "diet" was my senior year. I had gained weight after finishing my last tennis season, and wanted to lose weight for prom. If you think about it, that's a lot of years of gaining and losing weight! Frankly, it's also a lot of brain space and emotion spent on gaining and losing weight.

Sound familiar?

My last round of losing weight intentionally was right around the time I started Eat Smart. At the time, I was making healthy, portioned lunches for friends at work. We jokingly called them "Work Wife Lunches". After years of trying different diets, I took what I had learned from Weight Watchers to portion, weigh, and measure my food and began working through a way to better manage my eating habits.

Here’s the thing about “dieting”. There’s so much information out there! Should you cut out grains? How about sugar? Are avocados ok even though they have high fat content? How many calories should you be eating? Different lifestyles and diets work for different people, so really, there’s not one right answer. What I found from my years of dieting and thinking about food is that you should do what works for you.

Eat Smart isn't magic - just like losing weight isn't magic. But taking common sense principles, like eating real food and eating the appropriate amount of food for my body and my lifestyle does work. It’s also the most sustainable.

These days my weight still fluctuates (hello, holidays, I am looking at you), but overall it’s pretty stable. And I spend less time thinking about what I’m eating than I ever did when I was dieting. It gives me a lot more time and space to think about other things.

Let's spend less time this year thinking about our weight, and more about things that bring us joy. We would love to be a part of your healthy eating success plan.