Is the price listed for a single meal? 

Yes - the prices ($8.25 for Regular and $10.25 for Large) are for individual portions.

What is the difference between Regular and Large sized meals?

Both are individual meals. The regular size is approximately 350-450 calories and the large size is approximately 600-700 calories. I tend to think of the regular size as a lunch portion and the large size as a dinner portion. That said, if you are actively trying to lose weight, the regular size would be good for lunch or dinner, and if you are super active (I have a couple of fitness instructors and also younger guys who order) the large size will be good for either meal. 

What is a Family Size meal?

The Family Size is intended to serve four. We do a little more than the equivalent of two large and two small meals.

Do you deliver?

We will deliver to individual homes or offices for $5. Convenience is a huge part of this business, so we want to make it affordable for people to have meals delivered directly to them if the pick up locations are not convenient.

How long does the food last?

Food is guaranteed for five days from the “Made On” date. 

Can meals be frozen?

Many meals can be frozen. In particular, soups, chili, and stews can be frozen. Pasta dishes, eggplant parmesan and stuffed peppers will also freeze well. Protein heavy dishes like lemon chicken and barbecue pork chops will freeze as well, although the vegetable sides may not hold up as well in the freezer. The containers meals are packaged in are safe for the freezer, but tend to result in freezer burn fairly quickly. For best results, switch to a sturdier container.

It may go without saying, but “raw” dishes – salads, for example, are not able to be frozen.

How do I reheat my meals?

All meals can be reheated in the microwave. We get this question often at Eat Smart, and usually answer with a very unsatisfying “It depends.” It does depend both on the meal, on how hot you like your food, and on the microwave you are using. 

Here are some general guidelines:

  • If your meal is very dense (think: whole pork chop, slice of lasagna), cut it into a few pieces so that it will heat more evenly
  • Heat on high for one minute, and take a look. If it is soup, or something that can be stirred, do so. This will help it heat more evenly.
  • Continue heating in 30-60 second increments until it is the desired temperature, stirring each time.

Where is food prepared?

Food is prepared in a commercial kitchen in Richmond. We have a current health inspection, and take food safety very seriously.

Do you use organic produce?

We use organic vegetables where practical. We would love to use all organic, but we are also mindful that our customers are both health and cost conscious. We strive to find a balance.

Do you use local produce?

We are thrilled to have a few meetings on the books with local farms to discuss moving to local, seasonal produce. Stay tuned for more info!