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I grew up thinking that everyone’s mom made dinner 7 nights a week, because that’s what my mom did. Then I graduated from college and realized that pasta and jarred sauce was a viable (if boring) option 7 nights a week. I started baking in my early 20s, and moved on to cooking shortly thereafter. A girl’s gotta eat.

Fast forward a dozen or so years, and I found myself going through a difficult life transition. It was the painful kind of transition where you simultaneously lose and find yourself. I found myself making lunches for a small group of friends when we all decided to try to eat healthier (see: lose weight) together. And something about the simple act of planning and executing meals for friends began to fill a hole I thought was bottomless.

And so, in its first iteration, Eat Smart was born. As coworkers and friends asked to get onto the lunch list, it became more than just simple meal prep. It became a community lunch where friendships grew. The hole got smaller and smaller.

At the very core, that’s what Eat Smart is about. It is about the fact that sometimes the simplest acts of care bring joy to those giving them. Each week, I feel joy in planning and cooking for people. I hope the meals make life a little easier, a little more manageable, and a little more enjoyable for all of my customers.



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Tommy brings over 25 years of kitchen experience to Eat Smart. He has worked in various types of food business, doing just about everything imaginable. And he has raised two kids to be completely un-picky eaters at ages 20 and 21. I don’t think there is any better recommendation for his kitchen skills.

He brings cooking skills and knowledge to the kitchen, as well as a sense of humor, a willingness to wash more than his fair share of dishes (note: our kitchen does not have a dishwasher) and most of the time he lets me pick the Pandora station we listen to while making your meals. He’s practically perfect.

Tommy and I started working in the kitchen together shortly after we started dating. He was working six days a week at a full- and part-time jobs, and his only day off I worked. He said it was so we could spend time together. Ok, maybe he is perfect.

He also likes to say things like “you’re playing with the varsity now, kid.” Indeed, this tiny little business is growing and we are making that happen together. 

Thanks for stopping by and joining us.  



     Photo Credit: Carly Romeo & Co.