On Giving

One of the things I love most about my business is that I have the opportunity to give back. To be of use. I always wanted to volunteer, and did on several occasions, in other cities when I was in other points in my life. But few of the experiences felt authentic or comfortable, for a variety of reasons.

Giving back through Eat Smart feels different. I have a business that provides people with nourishment. I use my hands and my time to create meals that make a difference to the people who receive them. And along the way, I have met some amazing people who are making a difference in our community in big and small ways every day. I have met some amazing young people who do and will impact our community in meaningful ways. Each opportunity brings me joy and fulfillment. 

Over the next few months I am going to introduce you to some of our nonprofit partners, and talk about the work they do, and the ways we work with them. Please know that I am viscerally aware that it is your support of our work, of our business, that allow Tommy and I do to these things. I am so grateful for you.